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Yountville Live 2018 - Connections

Looking to connect with friends from past events, or make new friends in advance of this year's event? Post here.

Hi Rob, Theresa! Looking forward to seeing you both again - it's been too long.

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VIP Tickets for the weekend do include the Bubbles Brunch.

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Mary, I was informed last week that the tickets are not for sale, only for contest winners and a small number of sponsors/partners.
I am willing to help as well. If you need security I am a retired officer
I'm trying to get tickets for May 15 to see Maggie Rose (country music). Does anybody know how can I buy them?

Hi @MarieCameron - sorry to say the tickets are not for sale, only for contest winners and a small number of sponsors/partners.

Thank you Chris for your quick reply. If someone has to cancel, my husband and I can be there in minutes!
I received an email from Chris urging me to get signed up for the bus ride up to the Bubbles Brunch. I’m specifically going to see Need To Breathe. I am curious about the time frame of the event? The email said we head back to Yountville at 12:30? The tickets have the time frame of 11:00-1:00. Could I get clarity on this. Liz

I said buses will begin heading back around 1230, not that everyone must leave at 1230.

Thank you for the quick reply. My little question seems inconsequential compared to what’s going on in Yontville now. Thanks for the heads up on the transportation situation.

How do you get tickets for the vineyard goes live country event?

Hi Tanja. My wife and I would be interested. We purchased Taste of Yountville Grand Tasting for Sunday, but just learned you need VIP or Bubbles Brunch tickets (Sold Out) to see the group Need to Breathe play. Do you know if the VIP tickets you have gain access to this event? Thank you.. Marcelo (

Is such a great event-last year was our first and couldn't wait to return this year! Unfortunately we can not attend this year-

We bought VIP tickets back in fall and now don't know what to do! Is anyone interested?


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